The Business Woman


In September 2014 Stefy wanted to reinvent herself once again and decided, with a group of friends, to create a Tech Startup, Nextus Global. NexTus Global focus on creating mobile applications to better the connectivity in the world. The first project launched is Hug Me App, an app to rediscover the pleasure to hugging someone through positive energies.

Stefy today also owns a very successful Branding and Business Development agency with focus on Powersports. 211 LLC is the umbrella company for everything relating to Stefy and the Motorsport/Powersports community. The 211 Office helps Global companies to establish them self in the US and in Europe. The 211 Office focus on strategic, marketing, branding and action plans for many companies that wants to achieve results leveraging the right connections and know-how. The 211 Office also offer social media management for each and every client, helping them to establish an engaging presence on the market.

Stefy can also been seeing, with her 211 MX School, empowering women in the sport of Motocross. Some of her recent outstanding involvements came with projects aimed to teach women motocross in the Middle East (featured with Noora Naraghi from Iran on CNN) and in Africa (Tanya Muzinda, a young girl from rural Africa, became the first EU women motocross Ambassador in Zimbabwe thanks to Stefy’s efforts –

Stefy enjoys to represent companies that value her never give up attitude and her world wide mainstream and political network,  by public engagements and appearances and/or as a company advisor.

After the accident

After her career ending accident Stefy had a chance to turn her life around and start a brand new career at the age of 28. Becoming a world class athlete is not an easy task and all of those struggles and successes helped Stefy became the business woman she is today.

Stefy, thanks also to her determination, was asked by Youthstream to become the General Manager of the FIM Women World Motocross Championship (which she helped launch). With Stefy at the helm, this championship became the best and most prestigious championship for women in any kind of motorsport. Stefy decided to call it the WMX and from then on, the WMX is synonymous of the Women Motocross movement World Wide.

Along side being in charge of the WMX championship Stefy was also focusing in keep developing her own brand. 211 MX School was born and a lot of now successful riders have enjoyed the knowledge, tips and encouragement of Stefy’s Elite Motocross Academy. 211 media and 211 outreach were created to offer to the riders and the sport of motocross a new and intriguing outlet to showcase the sport in the best light possible.

Stefy always aims to chose the best partners for all her business projects because just like in racing, you need to have the best team to be successful!

Testament to this is her new Tech StartUp that with her newly launched Hug Me App is now climbing the step of Google Play and App store to top ranked app.

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